About Us

Our business is simple in nature… With an extensive network of connections and clients, we have built powerful and trusted relationships in multiple industries. Understanding the client’s needs and delivering results are keys to our success. If your organization is able to benefit from one of our strong relationships or if you have a product and or service that would benefit a market of a million families or greater, please contact us. Our clients act as our strongest references and referrals.

We look forward to evaluating your organization for a potential fit into our business model. Our model consists of four (4) different approaches;

- The first approach is to simply introduce you to key clients or contacts where we have relationships at the C suite or decision-making level.

- The second approach is to provide ongoing assistance for your organization with the execution of placing products or services with our contacts.

- The third approach is to develop a partnership where together we manage your business from concept to reality.

- The fourth approach is an affiliate relationship where individuals who bring business opportunities to Extreme Synergy share in the success.

If you would like to explore a working relationship, submit your business profile.